Why Law Firm SEO?

We handle every client like they're our only client, and every business as if it were our own. We take the time to understand to your firm and your goals to provide a strategic high-level search engine optimization vision.

At Law-Firm-SEO.org we bring passion and globally competitive SEO experience to assist our clients achieve top results. We enjoy the intellectual competition of legal search marketing. We don't cut costs when it comes to helping our clients.  Our SEO campaigns are designed by principals and executed by USA based and university educated SEO professionals.  We have lawyers who help us understand the trends in the diverse legal services markets and ensure that our campaigns meet exacting standards demanded by the modern legal professional.

In addition to handling the SEO for preeminent law firms we've worked on high visibility pages, professional associations, lobbying organizations, venture capital backed firms and well funded start-ups competing for national search visibility.

With Law Firm SEO be assured that you are receiving the top notch service -- Doesn't your firm deserve the best?

Our fee schedule is straight forward and graduated allowing you to fully invest as you see results. Law Firm SEO is also versatile and skilled enough to provide full service internet marketing by experts who will create a laser focused client generating Pay Per Click campaign and Smart SEO Savvy Public Relations. Each discipline is handled by an expert in their respective field, who understands the symbiotic nature of each marketing discipline.

We Understand Law Firms
The founder of law-firm-seo.org comes from a family of lawyers. He is the grandson of a prominent New York City legal principle, the son of two prominent principles, and the brother of an attorney who is barred in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Our founder understands the complex needs of law firm marketing as well as the subtle idiosyncrasies of professional marketing standards, which is why he created this company- to help your law firm get more clients while maintaining high-professional standards.  We have licensed and barred attorneys on-staff to ensure that we are in strict professional marketing compliance and to stay on top of current legal trends.