Friday, March 8, 2013

Law Firm SEO Advice: Linking

Law Firm SEO is importantTitles are important to Law Firm SEO, as are Meta Descriptions, and of course finding legal keywords to target.  Today we will discuss the import of linking in regards to Law Firm SEO.

Many attorneys write articles, less write with the telos of garnering interested impressions, even fewer have links in their articles.  Many lawyers and law offices don't even have links on their website beyond the bare minimum needed to navigate. 

Links help visitors navigate to your important content and they help google understand what content is important. Every page should have a few links that help web users learn more or naturally progress to the pages you want them to go to. Every article should have those links as well as links addressing further discussion and sources.  It is essential to provided linked examples to sources. 

Law Firm SEO is all about letting google know what's important, we can help you make your case.

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