Friday, February 22, 2013

Law Firm SEO Updates

Google has been slowly changing its algorithms recently.  They haven't publicized it but they have definitely changed within the last 90 days.

We just helped Cathy Mack optimize her MartinDale-Hubble hosted webpage (based on WordPress and locked down like a jail) and will help her migrate away from their heavily taxed servers.  It's funny once we did SEO on her page MartinDale Hubble locked us out.  Perhaps their definition of changing content does not include content to help google understand your page... Still not a huge fan of theirs and their layouts but check out if you need a Bethesda, MD Attorney who does a lot of Probate work.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Social Security Maven, Peter Weinbaum, JD, who is now offering Social Security Advice and speaks regarding Social Security Optimization.   Peter Weinbaum was previously with National Life of Vermont. 

Law Firm SEO would like to extend thanks to our great clients!