Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choosing Great Titles

HTML Meta Titles are not readily visiable to the end user, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. While writing blogs or distributing publications via www its important to allow such content to be found. The content is more important and will be as Google transitions to Latent Semantic Indexing, however, meta titles is your opportunity to tell Google exactly what your content is about.

The more google understands about your content the better chance that they will serve it up to a person with a similar inquiry. Titles are also important because they get distributed via RSS. When your blogs autopost to twitter, linkedin, facebook, and etc, they utilize meta titles to describe the content.

Its always important to think about your titles and how your most wanted audience would search for the content. Too often attorneys write articles for other lawyers. If your looking to pick up conflicted out clients this may be a great strategy. However, many clients are left out because they will utilize different words to describe their queiries. Thus, people who are actively seeking your content will not be able to find it, merely because of syntax.

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