Friday, October 12, 2012

Dealing with Social Media Backlash

Nearly every law firm, if they are involved in serious and/or personal litigation, will be the subject of negativity from the opposition.  You may also be exposed to some negative reviews and other information posted on various web properties included but not limited to Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately this is not a problem that will solve itself.  Without a measured reaction or further complaints these complaint postings will be quite visible forever. 

The first step is to plan and consider your response.  After that you will have to execute and implement resources to respond to various postings according to a plan.  It is important that this be executed well or else it can look less than desireable for a potential client googling you or your law firm. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meta Descriptions vs Law Firm SEO

We covered Titles vs Law Firm SEO last week this week the next logical step to cover is the Meta Description Tag.  Meta Description tag is the next "most powerful" tag behind the title tag.  Remember these are powerful so use them with respect.  Help Google understand your content, not misunderstand it, and produce good content if you can.  Use these tags and let google know exactly what your content is about. 

That's my old speech on Meta Tags.  Now they do so much more.  Meta tags are often fed through syndication services, and appear as the description across Social Media Sites for example twitter, facebook, linkedin.  This is a powerful tool. 

Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to create keyword rich attention grabbing titles and follow up hard with an action getting SEO infused description.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choosing Great Titles

HTML Meta Titles are not readily visiable to the end user, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. While writing blogs or distributing publications via www its important to allow such content to be found. The content is more important and will be as Google transitions to Latent Semantic Indexing, however, meta titles is your opportunity to tell Google exactly what your content is about.

The more google understands about your content the better chance that they will serve it up to a person with a similar inquiry. Titles are also important because they get distributed via RSS. When your blogs autopost to twitter, linkedin, facebook, and etc, they utilize meta titles to describe the content.

Its always important to think about your titles and how your most wanted audience would search for the content. Too often attorneys write articles for other lawyers. If your looking to pick up conflicted out clients this may be a great strategy. However, many clients are left out because they will utilize different words to describe their queiries. Thus, people who are actively seeking your content will not be able to find it, merely because of syntax.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Content Generation's Import

Content Generation is foremost; especially if you're presenting information that furthers human knowledge on a specific topic. It's easy to tell why google would respect this step, and I believe more ranking import will be put back into ranking content quality.

However, with Law Firm SEO it helps even more because often legal queries that clients will likely run into are fairly specific which means that your content can rank for its intended number one audience.  This is important because a good audience will drive more sales, more calls, and more referrals versus an audience that is not interested in the subject or professional help dealing with the subject.

SEO is Niche Online Networking

SEO is an interesting marketing technique because it draws people in who are looking for help and information about various topics, often niche or "longtail".  The niche aspect is actually a great boon for attorneys in specialized verticals because it allows people in need to find you vis a vis what information you have provided on that topic. 

I know there's some marketers out there shouting "SEO is inbound marketing" but the truth is what is the difference for a professional organization such as a Law Office or Law Firm.  Networking drives referrals, that's exactly what you want from creating content to do "online networking" for you.    I'd also argue that effective SEO strategies often employ "online networking" tactics.